Dillion and Johnny are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but there’s just one problem. Johnny has a monster of a phallus and is afraid to hurt sweet little Dillion.

Jordan is sick and tired of dealing with Veronica’s shit at school, so he expels her. Veronica freaks out, and decides to offer herself to Jordan to stary in school. Boy is in for a BIG lesson.

Lia’s mother hires a handyman to do some chores around the house. Lia gets super pissed when she realizes that he’s going to be there all day. Lia then decides that maybe by helping with his joint she won’t be so bored white he’s there.

Xander heads over to Cindy’s place when he hears that she and her boyfriend have had another fight. Xander finds out the fight was over his small shaft. Goood thing for Cindy that her “guy” friend Xander has a huge peter ready for her.

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